Hi-Tech Microfiber Crossfit Grip

Hi-Tech Microfiber Crossfit Grip


The Brave GentleMan Crossfit Grip.

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The Brave GentleMan Crossfit grip is the only Crossfit grip offering full-palm protection (including the thenar), as well as thumb-forefinger webbing protection and wrist support, while leaving your fingers free to maneuver based on subtle skin-contact sensations. This grip prevents the most common hand injuries resulting from Crossfit / gymnastics, and lifting movements like skin tears, and offers performance support for pull-ups, muscle-ups, rings, kettlebell, barbell and dumbbell movements.


  • High-tech, Italian-milled PU microfiber
  • Sweat and chalk-activated
  • Improves, breaks-in and becomes supple over time
  • Helps prevent infections resulting from skin tears
  • EU-Ecolabel certified material
  • 100% Vegan 
  • Crafted by hand New York City under fair labor conditions

LARGE (teal) - measures 4" across to base of thumb & 4.5" tall from base of palm to base of middle finger.
MEDIUM (green) - measures 3.5" across to base of thumb & 4" tall from base of palm to base of middle finger.
SMALL (purple) - measures 3" across to base of thumb & 3.5" tall from base of palm to base of middle finger.

FINGER HOLES start off tight and will break in after a couple of uses. Do not cut them.