Paradigm Boot, Brown

Paradigm Boot, Brown

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The Brave GentleMan footwear collection is expertly made using Future-leather, a supple, durable, Italian-milled, EU Ecolabel Certified, Hi-Tech microfiber, superior to animal leather. Made in Portugal.

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The "Paradigm Boot" is durable, breaks-in wonderfully, is suitable for vegans, and the uppers are made with hi-tech Italian future-leather, a PU microfiber which is superior to animal-derived leather. Weather resistant, durable, ages beautifully. Handsome inside and out!

100% Vegan
Fair Labor

Care instructions

• All Brave GentleMan shoes and boots can be cared for similarly to any fine footwear.
• Standard polishes, waxes, and dressings (and waterproofers for future-suede) can be applied.
• Sport-clean with a damp cloth. 
• Use a gentle hand-soap and soft toothbrush for more difficult spots and stains. 
• After normal wear and tear, soles and heelpads can evetually be replaced at standard shoe repair/cobbler shops.
• Beware of the use of mink oil (a product of the fur industry) at cobblers, shoe-shiners and repairs. Request that it is not used.